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The main kite spot is our back yard, Muri beach.  

What makes Muri the best spot:

1. There is public access to the beach.

2. There is plenty of space for new and experienced kiters.

3.  It's shallow enough to walk way away from the shore.

4.  It's located perfectly for the predominant wind direction, S.E.  It's a nice cross-on shore direction. 

5.  You can store your equipment with us.

There are a few other hidden gems for great kiting in Rarotonga.  Depending on the wind direction and your kiting ability and confidence, we'd be happy to show you the spots once you are here.  Just check in with the friendly team at KiteSUP to give you breakdown of the other kite spots.

We ask for traveling kiteboarders to adhere to our local restrictions and safety procedures in order to keep our lagoons clean and safe. Let us all enjoy the pristine settings and easy access to our kite spot. 

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