TIAKI means keeper or guardian and MANA translates as Influence or Power. It means guardianship with a sacred power, to preserve it for future generations. The keeper has the power or ability to keep our culture and heritage alive. MANA TIAKI also refers to our responsibility as guardians of these islands and environment. 

Here is what we do as a business to contribute our part - because every little bit helps!

Little by little a little becomes a lot

Think outside the rubbish... 

Each piece of material we recycle makes a positive impact on the environment. We provide recycling bins around our shop/shed area to motivate people to separate their rubbish.

Tired of packaging trash? 

When possible, we ask our vendors to reduce single use packaging on the products we sell and also reuse existing  packaging wherever we can.

Make your own homemade cleaner!

We mix our own cleaning products out of essential oils, vinegar and water to avoid nasty chemicals.

Protecting endangered species

We support the Cook Island Ridge to Reef Project by providing them with data collected during our tours.

Turn the tide on trash 

As a team we organise beach clean ups every other 6 weeks to clean up the locations  we conduct our tours.

Wear the change you want to see!

We stock sustainable brands like


Sensi Graves